French Garden Farm

Located 5 miles west of Sebastopol on 30 acres of Gold Ridge sandy loam, the same soil that was used for growing by Luther Burbank, French Garden Farm has been managed organically  for over 30 years.

With lovely views of the surrounding hills and valleys, this site is ideal for growing produce and fruit of many kinds but has a relatively cool microclimate because we are close to the Pacific Ocean. This affords us a long growing season for cool weather crops, but late harvests for tomatoes, peppers and other warm weather produce.

The local area grows prized Pinot Noir and is known for the Gravenstein Apple, an heirloom that was once the primary agriculture in the area. The farm has a stand of 100 older Gravensteins that are used for juice, sauce and pies and are sold fresh during the month of August.


beef1Please Note: WE ARE NO LONGER SELLING PRODUCE TO THE PUBLIC.  OUR FOCUS NOW IS TO GROW ENTIRELY FOR FRENCH GARDEN RESTAURANT.  Our daily harvest is expertly prepared by Executive Chef Arturo Guzman and his team to be enjoyed at the restaurant 7 days each week.

Chef Arturo and his team have been working daily to preserve the best of our summer harvest to be enjoyed later in the season – especially during the winter months.  Don’t be surprised to be able to enjoy delicious heirloom tomato soup during the winter, as well as roasted red peppers, red raspberries, and many other delicious reminders of summer.

Dan Smith